Providers can Request 1099 Forms Online

The Office of the Comptroller now has 1099 Forms available online. If a CCAP provider is paid under their social security number, or a sole proprietor FEIN, and did not receive their 2020 1099, or need another copy, they can print the form on the Office of the Comptroller website.

Providers need to:

  • Log on to:
  • Go to the VENDORS Tab
  • Click on: VENDOR 1099 FORMS
  • Enter their provider TIN (their social security number, or sole proprietor FEIN)
  • Enter their name as it is listed with the Office of the Comptroller
  • Click on the appropriate security image
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Print 1099

Copayment Information and Billing Instructions for March 2021 and Later

Effective March 2021, IDHS requires parents to pay the full copayment amount listed on the approval letter and March 2021 billing certificate. IDHS has ended the COVID-19 attendance exemption process as of 2/28/2021. Child care programs can still file a traditional attendance exemption with the State of Illinois. See the IDHS memo for additional information and for billing instructions.

Read the IDHS Memo here.

Illinois Department of Human Services Announces Mail Delay for February 2021 Child Care Certificates

The Illinois Department of Human Services informed us that delivery of February certificates will be delayed due to technical issues. Certificates were printed on February 20th and will be placed in the mail on February 26th.

You should expect your certificate to come in the mail after March 1st. Visit to request a certificate. Please note, forms you request from Illinois Action for Children are mailed from Springfield and can take up to 10 business days to arrive.

Governor Pritzker Announces Reduced Co-Pays of $1.25 for Parents in Illinois' Child Care Assistance Program

Following the recent launch of a new initiative to direct additional funds to support child care providers in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Governor JB Pritzker today (December 30, 2020) announced parents in the program will pay a maximum of $1.25 in monthly co-pays. Support for eligible families includes paying for all eligible days of child care regardless of the child's attendance. These changes are effective for January and February. Read the release.

1099 Information for Child Care Providers

The Office of the Comptroller will mail 1099 Miscellaneous Forms to all non-corporation providers earning $600.00 or more in calendar year 2020 by January 31, 2021.

These forms are used by the providers to report the income they received in 2020 on their taxes.

If a provider does not receive a 1099 Miscellaneous Form by February 8th, 2021, they need to write to the Office of the Comptroller. They must clearly indicate that they “Need a 1099 Form.”

The provider should be sure to include their name, address, Social Security Number, and phone number with area code. They also must sign and date the note, and mail or fax to The Office of the Comptroller.

If mailing, mail to:

Office of the Comptroller
Attn: Vendor Unit (1099 Request)
325 W Adams
Springfield, IL 62704

If faxing the information, fax to (217) 785-7212, attention: Vendor Unit (1099 Request)

** If a provider has changed their address since receiving their last payment from the Office of the Comptroller, the provider should mail, or fax a letter with the above-mentioned information, to the Office of the Comptroller, by January 15, 2021, to ensure the correct address is on the 1099 form. If the new address information is not received by January 15th, the 1099 may be returned and the provider will have to request a duplicate.

Three Month Eligibility Extensions for Cases Ending 12/31/20, 1/31/21 and 2/28/21

The Illinois Department of Human Services is in the process of automatically extending eligibility for Child Care Assistance Program cases with eligibility periods ending on 12/31/20, 1/31/21, and 2/28/21. The auto-extension will provide qualifying cases with an additional three months of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Families whose eligibility periods end on these dates do not need to submit a redetermination to have their eligibility extended. If a family's eligibility ends on any date besides 12/31/20, 1/31/21, or 2/28/21 a family MUST submit their redetermination so we can determine the family's child care eligibility.

State of Illinois' System Problem with Payments Entered Over the Phone on November 1st and November 2nd

IDHS informed us that there was a system error that did not correctly calculate the 50% attendance rule on some payments entered over the phone. The error has now been fixed, and any payment entered over the phone 11/3/20 and later should process correctly. Providers who entered their payment over the phone on 11/1 or 11/2 should check their payment amount and if incorrect:

  • The provider must send the original certificate to Illinois Action for Children with "Supplemental" written on the top of the certificate
  • Include a note that the provider should be paid all eligible days, but the phone system only paid attended days.

IDHS Billing Update

Licensed and license-exempt centers and licensed home providers will be paid for all approved days of care if children attend at least 50% of the days. The 50% Rule is currently approved through June of 2021. Providers may request a waiver if attendance falls below 50% or if the program is forced to close due to COVID related reasons. A waiver can be requested here:

Read the memo here.

School-Aged Children Who Need Full-Time Care During Remote Learning

Important Update on School-Aged Children in Remote Learning

CCAP will pay a full-time day for school age children in remote learning if the parent’s work/school schedule does not allow them to be home with their child and the child is in the provider’s care for five or more hours during that time.

Parents and child care providers can inform us of a need for full-time care in the following ways:

  • Child care providers can change any part-time days on their child care certificates to full days, and write the reason for the change as "remote learning."
  • Parents can call, e-mail, or text us and let us know they need full-time care for their school-aged children due to remote learning. If you e-mail or text us, please include your 15 digit Child Care Management System case number.

July 2020 CCAP changes available

Effective July 1, the IDHS Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is returning to normal policies and procedures with some modifications. This memo is being released to provide information on these changes. 

Note from IDHS: Incorrect rates printing on July certificates

The Illinois Department of Human Services reports that due to a system issue, old rates printed on July 2020 certificates. The rates effective July 1, 2020, will be paid for July certificates. Click here, for rates effective July 1, 2020.

Updates and Information Regarding Child Care Provider Services for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) During COVID-19

As a precautionary public safety measure, all Illinois Action for Children’s offices are closed to the public until further notice. We are working closely with IDHS, INCCRRA, the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development, and the Illinois Child Care Resource & Referral network to make accommodations in the ways we provide CCAP services. Please see below for important information regarding accessing CCAP services. 

Illinois Action for Children understands the numerous hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working with the city, state, and a host of local agencies to provide you with information, resources, and guidance for child care and other resources as we navigate this public health crisis.

The Illinois Action for Children CCAP Phone Appointment Scheduler is Here!

As we all find ways to adjust to our current environment, Illinois Action for Children is pleased to announce that our Family Resource team will now be able to provide you with assistance regarding CCAP in a scheduled phone consultation.

The CCAP phone appointments are available for parents and care and education providers. Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute increments from 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Schedule a CCAP phone appointment when:

  • You need updates on multiple cases;
  • Payment inquires for multiple families;
  • Submit forms on behalf of your families; or
  • You’d like a scheduled time – no waiting on hold!

Schedule Appointment

Updated Restore Illinois Child Care Guidance (8.17.20)

As of August 17, 2020, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has released the most recent guidelines for Illinois Licensed Child Care and License Exempt School Age Guidance.

RESTORE ILLINOIS Licensed Child Care Guidance & License Exempt School-Age Guidance

Updated Restore Illinois Child Care Guidance (6.24.20)

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), and the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development (GOECD) have issued updated Restore Illinois Child Care Guidance for child care homes and centers to be able to safely reopen.

Additionally, DCFS has filed emergency rule making, effective 6.24.20, for a maximum of 150 days. Additions to the rules include:

  • Centers may choose to staff classrooms with a qualified early childhood assistant for up to 3 hours of their program day and should document such in the program's Enhanced Staffing Plan.
  • Staff qualified to work as Early Childhood Teachers in an Emergency Day Care (EDC) and who served in the role from March-May 2020 can continue to work as an Early Childhood Teacher through 7.31.20, at the same program which has since reverted to their normal child care license.
  • Click here to read this full emergency rule making document

IDHS Policy Updates effective July 1,2020

IDHS will implement the following policy changes effective 7/1/2020:

  • The 30% rate add-on for children of priority essential workers and essential workers will end on 6/30/2020.
  • The COVID-19 attendance exemption for child care providers will end on 6/30/2020.
  • $1.00 family co-payments will end on 6/30/2020. Families are responsible for paying their original co-payment amount effective 7/1/2020.
  • IDHS will end auto-extensions of eligibility effective June 30th. Families whose eligibility ends July 1st or later must submit a redetermination to continue their child care eligibility.

Child Care Begins Phased Reopening In Illinois

As announced by Governor Pritzker last Friday, all regions of the state of Illinois are set to move into Phase 3 of reopening as of Friday, May 29. This phased reopening includes new guidelines that all home and center-based child care programs must adhere to in order to reopen. According to the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development (GOECD):

“To date, Illinois has not seen significant transmission of COVID-19 in child care settings…public health experts emphasize, however, that there is much we still do not know about this new virus, how it spreads, and what effects it has on children. Therefore, Illinois is implementing a cautious approach that appropriately balances the need to greatly expand child care with the need for prudent restrictions that lessen the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Recognizing children’s need for quality early learning experiences, providers will be expected to resume compliance with all licensing standards related to curriculum, learning environment, and staff qualifications.”

To read the full set of guidelines from the Governor, click here.

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of the City of Chicago, has released a set of companion guidelines that will govern the reopening of child care specifically in Chicago. Those guidelines can be read here.

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Call Center is Open!

Our CCAP Call Center is now open from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Get in touch by calling us at 312.823.1100.

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Billing Certificates for May and June

In order to be paid for May and June CCAP services you will need to complete an attendance exemption form and return it with your May and June certificates. If your program has received federal funds, you will be asked to certify that you are not billing the state (CCAP) for the same expenses that are covered by federal relief funds. The certification statement will be on the exemption form. Please read the full memo from the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) for detailed instructions.

Read the English Memo | Spanish Memo

We are accepting CCAP paperwork, and are prioritizing certificate entry, attendance exemption processing, and child care assistance for essential workers. 

NOTES (Updated April 29):

  • IDHS states that copays for families will be lowered to $1 per family for the months of April and May, 2020. Providers do not need to absorb the difference in family co-pays. IDHS will pay for the billed amount minus $1 for the copay.
  • IDHS mailed certificates to child care providers on April 24 and they expect that providers should receive their certificates by May 1.
  • Redeterminations with eligibility ending March 31 and April 30 will be extended for six months. 
  • We are in the process of sending April certificates to providers for all cases that have had eligibility extended.

If you did not receive your certificate, you can request a certificate here
Parent signatures will NOT be required during "shelter in place" orders.

Drop Box Information:

Drop boxes are a convenient and secure way for parents and providers to submit their paperwork (applications, forms, etc.) Drop boxes are out at all IAFC Walk-In locations.

Central / West Side - 1340 S Damen Ave., 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60608 [NOTE: Paperwork can also be mailed in to this address only.]
24 hours | 7 days a week

South Side / Chatham - 1111 E 87th St., Chicago, IL 60619
24 hours | 7 days a week

North Side / Uptown - 4753 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640
7 a.m. – 10 p.m. | Monday – Saturday

South Suburbs / Homewood - 17926 S Halsted St., Homewood, IL 60430
24 hours | 7 days a week

Fax Line Information:

  • Our fax line (312.823.1200) is open.

Processing Information:

  • We will prioritize processing certificates and attendance exemption notices
  • Our next processing priority is determining CCAP eligibility for essential workers
  • All other CCAP processing will follow

All home-based providers who have an Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) IVR password can call payments in to: 800.787.9316. If you call your payments into the IVR line, you do not need to submit your certificate to Illinois Action for Children.

Contact Us for CCAP Support:

Phone: 312.823.1100

Fax: 312.823.1200

Schedule a CCAP Phone Appointment

Schedule appointment

IDHS/CCAP Payment Update Line:

Call: 800.804.3833

IDHS/CCAP Program Processing Line:

Call: 217.524.9041